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Hi everyone! Welcome to my website!

Shannon’s little helpers have been SO busy making a brand new way for you to find bucket loads of handy hints that you won’t find anywhere else!

So if you need help with stains and Shannon’s handy household hints, I’ve got some GREAT news! A brand new VIP section of my site for all my Stain Detectives! Click here to check out how you can clean, save and recycle and have fun doing it!

Do you have problems with stubborn stains? Are you on a constant round of cleaning that takes too long and never gets you anywhere except grumpy? Do you need a little order in your life?Then you’re at the perfect place to find answers! Register or Login and get unlimited access to the special part of my website. My time-saving and novel ways to clean and organise your house are available to read at your leisure as a VIP member. You can have fun while you turn it into the haven that you’ve always dreamed of.

Answering your feedback

I understand you all want to talk to me personally. I am doing what I can to make this happen. For exiting members, you can use the Stain Detective stain form to get your stubborn stain solved. Otherwise we have the new Webinars.

New WEEKLY webinars

Members only

This is it! You complained, even my Mum complained, you can’t get through to ask a question when I’m on air on Radio. So how about a private TV show?

Because of the cost involved, this will be a members’ only event on the 30th March. Members will get the first seats before I let my Facebook fans have a shot as I know you have all been champing at the bit to have your question asked. PLUS all answers go into the Stain Brain so if you can’t make it on the night, you don’t miss out.

To book VIP seat  for the Show, all the details are in the member’s section.

Note from Shannon’s Helpers: This is not for newsletter subscribers, this is for full members, who get 50% off all webinar tickets and are the only ones who can buy the 20 VIP tickets that are guaranteed an answer. It’s only fair that Shannon’s Stain Detectives are the ones to get spoiled.


Want to hear Shannon’s new radio show?

Giveaway on 2UE this week at 11am on Thursday (Sydney time) of a Monster Mop and two signed books.

Around the House is available to play here on the site!

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Shannon Lush 03/011 Around The House

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I invite you to vote for your choice or even suggest another option - this is your poll.

I want to make this about you because the fans of Stainless have all been a very real part of my life, just as much as my business clients. Remembering people coming to us on our Aussie book tour with family heirlooms that were saved from a slow rotting demise after following steps in the book to restore them remain a humbling experience that I was able to touch Aussie families in such a real way.

Thank you again for all your support and wishes
Have an amazing day!

Shannon and Trent

1. Because we know you keep asking for more books!

I will release chapter books with my brother, Trent – a chapter each month on a book generated from YOUR questions and ideas we’ve had based on fan requests, rather than waiting for the long process of publisher’s approval, edits and publication. In this case, the people who become involved will see the raw, unedited book as it is created and, in a small number of cases, you will BECOME the editors – joining us on the journey to create the next book and obviously receiving a special edition of the finished book at the end that will contain all the memories of its creation along the way – completely exclusive to those few who really helped make it happen.

2. Because we know it’s harder to get in touch for advice!

Option 2 is With the number of radio stations reducing these days but more people wanting Shannon’s handy home hints going up and up and up, we will hire my famous Website Fairies to help run WEEKLY webinars (seminars online) where you can ask me questions live and demonstrate how to fix some of these LIVE.
We will create a repository of all of these live moments to view at at your leisure for helping us make these happen.


3. Because you told us in both my newsletter and Trent’s newsletter that more of you are leaving work and working from HOME and you’re struggling to juggle it all

Option 3. a Home and Home-Business tips Youtube channel.
Almost a combination of the the two above, this option would create a monthly “TV show” where you can ask for home hints and home business hints to be answered, we will even have a Panel section so you can ask specialists in different fields about busting myths. Due to the increased costs, it will probably have the longest wait time, but perhaps that’s what you would prefer, especially as more and more people are becoming self-employed as “regular jobs” and indeed the whole concept of what a “regular job” is, is changing for Aussies every day – these tips and tricks are becoming more of a necessity to reduce the stresses on your family home.

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