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You can imagine how many cleaning product makers approach me about endorsements. Most of them are sadly just a waste of money and the only thing ‘green’ about them is the colour of their packaging.

But the people making the Monster Mop went a step further and allowed me not only to test their mop but help them with further development. I can’t tell you how important it is when a manufacturer is open enough to take on new ideas. In a world full of big egos and following the dollar, they really impressed me!

Now I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about steam mops because their heat doesn’t actually reach the floor… You might as well wipe the floor with a damp cloth.

The Monster Mop is NOT a Steam Mop! I refused to even call it a Mop. To me a Mop is something that slathers large amounts of dirty water all over the floor.

In fact the Monster Mop achieves its application of heat in a different way to those inferior mops… and you know me, I love to know exactly how things work. Well let me tell you, this is a Bobby-dazzler! I had so much fun testing it on a variety of floors.

It ingeniously drips fluid down to a microfibre pad, but just enough to moisten the pad, rather than saturating your floor; while the heat comes from a plate at the bottom of the Monster Mop which is heated to 120°c so the steam does not have time to cool down before it actually contacts your floor.

That’s great for hygiene.

This means just 100ml of water or other appropriate cleaning fluid will clean up to 90 square metres of your floor!

The best was when they said they would throw in something special for my fans… well how could I resist? I love it when someone spoils the fans that make my books possible 🙂

Just drop my name when you call the phone number ( 1800 663 866 ) or click here and they’ll throw in 3 extra microfibre pads for nicks! Plus watch this space for news of when some of my suggestions make it into new accessories for the mop!

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