Shannon wishes everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

If you are looking to make New Year’s resolutions, try this one:-

“use less toxic chemicals”


Stainless is the must-have new book from publishing phenomenon Shannon Lush.

Using her encyclopaedic knowledge of stain-fighting formulas and chemical reactions, Shannon guides you through all you need to know to be able to diagnose and treat stains safely and effectively.

You will soon be an expert stain detective, and just like Shannon you’ll be able to:

  • work out the surface that’s been stained
  • identify the stain
  • determine which solvents are going to work
  • decide what method to use
  • know what to do if you stuff it up!

In a clear and conversational style, Shannon explains the uses for each of the items in your essential cleaning kit, and shares loads of her tried-and-true grime-fighting formulas.

Stainless is absolutely packed full of information that will help you clean anything and everything in your home, without resorting to expensive sprays and solutions from the supermarket. There are even recipes for making your own inexpensive cosmetics, dyes, insecticides, fertilisers and more!

Lush House DVD

Shannon Lush is at long last bringing her incredible knowledge, unrivalled skills and eco friendly cleaning techniques to the small screen. Each episode, one household receives the Shannon Lush treatment. These are people that need her help to get their homes and lives in order. Her simple, non-toxic approach to cleaning and household management will enable viewers to discover everything they ever wanted to know about domestic disasters.


‘How do you get chewing gum off a leather jacket?’
‘I put a hot pot on the kitchen bench and its left a scorch mark? can I remove it?’
‘My cat sprayed on the new curtains. The smell is awful and there is a slight stain. What can I do?’
‘Someone in the pub spilt beer all over my expensive leather shoes. How do I clean them?’
‘My 3-year-old got hold of a black permanent pan and wrote all over the cream furniture. It’s a disaster!’
‘We’re repainting the bathroom walls. How can we stop the mould coming back?’
‘We keep getting pesky moths in the pantry. Can we get rid of them?’
‘I put my glassware in the dishwasher but it seems to be getting white marks on it. What do I do?’

Do any of these daily domestic disasters sound familiar? These problems and hundreds more are answered in Spotless, the first book by ABC local radio’s domestic guru Shannon Lush. even at this essential home handbook she shares the vast wealth of domestic wisdom, tips and techniques that has ABC listeners jamming the switchboard with their questions when she is on the radio. Together with her co-writer Jennifer Fleming, Shannon presents a brilliant room by room problem solver to the stains, smells and scratches that are sent to try us all.