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Answering your feedback

Some of you may have heard me discussing using a hot Mop on radio recently and many have asked for more details about the product. This is the only product of its kind it is not a steamer as I do not recommend those at all for floors. If you want more information or wish to purchase one there is a link on the banner for the product.

Monster Hot Mop

Is a floor cleaning system that uses heat and a minimal amount of moisture. No more wet  soggy floors, no more run-off of dirty water into the grout in your tiles or in the grooves in the timber, it’s dry almost instantly.

Suitable for all sealed hard floors including water sensitive floors:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain or vitrified tiles
  • Marble floors
  • Bamboo floors
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Slate, limestone or any other hard stone floor
  • Linoleum or vinyl
  • Timber floors
  • Laminate floors
  • Floor Boards

I have even tried it out on mud brick flagging and it worked well.

How it works?

The Monster Hot Mop uses a patented hot plate at the bottom of the mop that heats up to 120°C. Heat is evenly dispersed across the entire surface of the mop without leaving cold spots. Heat is is used to soften, loosen and break up dirt on floors.  The dirt is then picked up by the moisture pad made of high quality microfibre.

The moisture pad holds a precise measurement of water, enough to assist the pad to glide easily over surfaces and to clean the floors but not enough to leave excessive moisture on floors. The tiny amount of water that the reservoir holds can be altered with specific chemicals for different floor types and I will be putting a list of these formulas up on this site in the next couple of days. Otherwise you can just use 100 mL of water to clean a huge floor area.

It only weighs 1.3 kg so it’s as easy as moving a broom. As I have arthritis I find it particularly easy to use. I don’t often advertise products as most of you are well aware that this one is something I really do use. I don’t think I could have designed it better myself.

Regards Shannon

P.S Their link is

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Shannon will be on Sunrise this Sunday (15th July 2017).

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